Success Stories

Having been successful in achieving our visas for migration to Australia, my family and I would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to the EOA Team.

You have wonderfully guided us in each and every step of the prolonged application cycle and successfully processing our skilled migrant visa.

In our association over the last 3 years with your firm, we found your staff and self "Always ready to serve" in all matters of Migration and Travel. Also like to mention that we liked your thorough professionalism. It was apparent in every thing; like the patience shown in hearing us - however busy you are, you were giving 100% attention and sincerity to even silly queries and doubts.

We shall always remember the kindness and confidence shown in handling the whole process to a fruitful completion. We take this opportunity to wish you and all at EOA success in the years ahead.

We thank you once again for everything.

Yours Sincerely
Alias & Hima

Hello Mr. Krishnan, Initially, we were confused and worried a lot. The changes in immigration system created lot of questions and hesitation in applying. At that time, it's you only, who gave us confidence in getting through this by doing excellent documentation for ACS.

We have to thank EOA as a whole, but to name a few, First of all, specifically, it’s you who handled the situation with enormous patience. At last you have proved that your experience in this field as MARA agent is next to none, or giving us confidence about our eligibility for the visa……for helping us with getting documents attested and for handling communication.

Once again, thank you so much sir for making this as success. Hope to have the same level of service in the coming days as well.

Thanks & Regards
Lakshmi Govindaraj

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all of the concern, and incredible work you did for my family over the past 1 year. It is, unfortunately, all too uncommon to find someone of your grace, class, and competence in today's business world.

There is no doubt whatsoever that our appreciation of the position and our ability to go forward has been encouraged by the information that you have provided. The dedication and effort which you have put into consultations has been above and beyond the call of your duty. You where very kind and patient enough to clear all our questions and doubts. For that I thank you most warmly.

Writing personally I would like to thank you for the tremendous amount of effort you put into the preparation of our visa process and, in particular, for the generous allocation of your time. I know that the outcome of your work has been of considerable help to us in the preparation of our documentation.

I once again thank you on behalf of my family for the effort that you and the entire team in EOA has taken for our entire visa processing within a years time.

Thanks and Regards,
Lydia Jerry